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What is Communication?

Communication is the exchange of data or information from one location to the next. In simple terms it’s the act of exchanging information across two or more mediums through writing, speaking or through other channels.

Communication Skills:

The word ‘Communication’ is been taken from the Latin word ‘communis. The Word communis refers to’standard. Thus, to communicate”to to make common’ or “to communicate. This process of establishing a standard and a name can be accomplished by the exchange of ideas and ideas, or other similar items.

The exchange of ideas and thoughts is possible through gestures signals, signals speech, or even written. Most often, people are believed to be in a state of communication when they talk about a subject or talk over the phone or communicate via letters.

Communication process

It requires certain steps to allow for effective communications among two or more individuals. The process of communication is

What we do is communicate to people around us and to whom we would like to communicate our message. It is accomplished through the following processes:

  1. Thought
    First , the information is stored inside the head of the recipient that will be the basis for the idea. It could be an idea or information, concept or even feelings.
  2. Encoding
    The thought must be transmitted via the medium.The message is communicated to the receiver using the form of words or symbols, which are the gestures, language or body language that the sender uses to communicate the message.
  3. Decoding
    Finally, the receiver interprets the message by decoding the words or symbols and interprets the messages is understandable by the receiver and thus understands the meaning behind the message.
    In the event that the receiver is not able to understand messages, they can’t be considered to be a successful communication.

Types of Communication

Communication via verbal means:

It’s the act of communicating a message in the spoken language which is comprehended by both the sender and the receiver in the transmission.

Talking face-to-face, listening to an tv show or watching an educational or lecture and watching a TV program are just a few examples. If, in fact, you’re watching an audio version of the lesson you’re engaged in an oral form of communication.


Body language, gestures, eye contact, Eye Contact, Facial

Expressions, Posture & Body Orientation, Proximity, Vocal, falls under nonverbal communication.

In simpler terms it’s a method of communicating messages without usage of spoken words.

Benefits of non-verbal communication such as:

  1. You can talk to people who have auditory impairments.
  2. Communicate in a place is more comfortable when non-verbal the silence of libraries and churches.
  3. Communication that is secret becomes much easier when you use non-verbal communication, since you can transmit the message you don’t want other people to hear or to listen to.
  4. Communication even when you are far from someone is made simple with gestures that are part of non-verbal communication.In these situations the person is able to be able to see, but not hear.
  5. Communication via non-verbal means that conversations are brief and short.

The disadvantages of non-verbal communication

  1. Long conversations can be challenging.
  2. You will need to repeat gestures repeatedly to comprehend the message.
  3. Not suitable for use as an open tool to communicate.
  4. Some people are not confident in non-verbal communication.
  5. A misplaced or unintentional gesture could result in confusion and miscommunications.

In addition to nonverbal and verbal communication There are two additional types of communication.They are:

Written Communication:

It is the process of communicating with two or more persons in written form like letters, e mails, books magazines, Internet or through other mediums.


It is a form of communication that assists in understanding messages on graphs or logos, maps, charts and more.

Communication is crucial.

Good communication and effective communication affect our daily lives to a large degree. A simple miscommunication can lead to a lot of chaos and misunderstandings.Below are the two major importance of effective communication.

  1. Establish the goals and expectations. A concept that requires the support of others to comprehend and implement will not be effective until it is properly communicated to listeners.So efficient communication can help a person to communicate his ideas effectively.
  2. Clearly, deliver your message.Communication helps to get your message delivered and interpreted well so that you get your goal or aim fulfilled. It could simple gesture to shut the door or give a handshake to acknowledge the employee.

Obstacles to efficient communication.

Two or more individuals is considered to be efficient only if the receiver is able to comprehend and interpret the message correctly.Some issues with communication are:

Cultural background and background

The differences in culture and background could be an obstacle to efficient communication.A Chinese, who don’t have a basic understanding of the English language may face challenges in communicating with people in England.However the Chinese can communicate his message through non-verbal communication in a certain degree.

Physical Barriers:

Physical barriers can be caused by the noise, the inadvertent auditorium in which speech is given, and so on.

Mental barriers:

Mental obstacles include a the inability to pay attention to what someone is saying or doing can result in a variety of misperceptions.

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Communication assignment includes both non-verbal and verbal communication assignments. Learning about the process of communication is vital since we coordinate, assess and counsel, and oversee the course of this procedure. It is the process of communication that connects individuals in the organisation from the top to the bottom. Communication with other people involves these three main steps: Thought first, information is stored inside the head of the person sending it. It could be a notion or an idea, a bit of information, or even emotions too. Encoding: Afterwards, a message must be communicated to the recipient using the use of words, or symbols. Then the receiver converts the symbols or words into a meaning that he or she is able to comprehend. Two parts will be received at the time of sending the message: context and content. Content refers to the actual words or the symbols that are commonly known as language . It is spoken and written words combined into phrases that generate semantic and grammatical meaning. We all translate and use what words mean in different ways and therefore even the most basic and easy messages may be misinterpreted. Because different words have distinct meanings, it can confuse the issue further. Communication Channels is the term for the manner in that we communicate. There are a myriad of channels of communication available to us today, including contact with a person in person, phone calls text messages, email as well as internet, Internet (including Social media, such as Facebook Twitter and Facebook Twitter) as well as radio and television, brochures, written letters and reports, to mention only a few.

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