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Coursework is provided to students by their respective teachers to learn in their respective subjects. Not only students but trainees are also given coursework. But for students, especially coursework becomes an important task to deal with. Because schools and universities give coursework to their students which are graded and their scores are added with separate exams to get the overall course scores. In recent years, the use of coursework has increased significantly mostly in educational institutions. 

The main reason behind this is to intensify the research skills of students. Not only that it requires proper demonstration about their work and what they learnt from them. Sometimes coursework is given to students individually and in groups. Group works develop coordination among the students and help them be a player. There are a lot of subjects in schools and universities, so completing coursework of all subjects under a stipulated period is a hard task to do. As a student, you have to maintain a tight schedule with hardly any time to spare. 

It’s very obvious that sometimes you run out of time, and the deadline of your coursework is knocking at the door. Thus it becomes a do or dies situation for you. The amount of stress you feel in such situations is incomparable. We understand you and the conditions you thrive in. So why take all the workload by yourself? When you can get your coursework done by us. Don’t hesitate to seek help from us and we will surely help you. We will do everything that it takes to be the best coursework for you. 

Our team of experienced and qualified writers can write on any topic and can deliver to you on time. They will never be out of l Whatever the deadline they will never compromise with the quality of your coursework.

We provide guarantees over your services and that is for every customer. We have discussed it further. 

What do we aim at?

Our aims are crystal clear and are pointed towards you. The importance of every subject and tasks related to it are well understood by us. We want you to shine in your academics with our help. Our goal is to bring you golden grades through the coursework we provide you. We assure you to deliver the best of us.

At AllMyAssignments we follow these goals


As a student we want you to grow and achieve everything you want. All we do is act as a catalyst in this process. Your growth is our progress and our every action is directed to it. And to get things going we have our set of experienced and qualified writers. Our team of writers are capable of writing on different subject matters and can write your coursework in the way you wanted them to be written. We promise to take care of all your demands and expectations of yours and to deliver before the deadline. No matter how short the deadline is, we will deliver it to you in time. We never compromise with our quality of content whatever the deadline is. 


Diversity has been a key feature for our company. It has been helping us maintain our consistency. This is because our set of writers belong to different places of the world. Everyone has their different field of specialism. The different backgrounds, from where they come from helps us to help you on different subjects. Getting that extra advantage of different time zones we aim to bring you the best coursework you can ever ask for. 


This what keeps us alive in this cut-throat competitive market, while others aim at making money we go for excellence. Our writers are also selected based on this. They are always up to fulfil any of your demands and can handle any subject matter to create a masterpiece of it. We at AllMyAssignments go for excellence which as a result satisfies you.


Authenticity is something we can’t work without. Every single work of ours is authentic. We are very strict against plagiarised contents. And in no sense would promote it. Every paper written by our writers is their only version and are original. Our writers are capable of doing the research work quite efficiently. The authenticity and originality of our work is something we don’t want to mess with.


Whatever we do, whatever we claim are of no use if we’re not reliable enough. So to stick to all of our claims, we work with great composure to gain your trust as we did with our first-time customers. The satisfied customers give us the morale boost to move towards betterment and to work harder. Our services are top-level and are delivered to you on time. So when you hand over your work to us, you have to forget worrying about it. All our responsibility is on us thereafter. 

We know the workload, we know the unrealistic deadlines, we know the fear of staking your grades by leaving your coursework incomplete when the deadline is near. We know you and your problems and that’s why we are at your service. Don’t need to sacrifice your sleep every day, our brain needs rest or else it can’t work productively. Also without sleep and low energy levels, you’ll feel half alive. So whenever you feel like this just come to us and give us your work. Our extremely experienced and qualified writers can write on any topic in which you need help. Especially in the case of coursework they have the ability to research and analyse any given topic. So get some rest and shred some stress while we do your work.

We promise and keep it and have a list of guarantees for them. The trust we’ve gained throughout the years are the guarantees that helped us. 

All about Guarantees

Our guarantees are what sets us apart from others. We wake up and go to sleep with only one thing in mind and that is to satisfy you. And seeing you satisfied is what keeps us going. To keep this run we offer you these guarantees. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Wasting your hard-earned money was never our intention. The trust we have in our writers lets us do this. And as you know already, your satisfaction has been our top priority so to fulfil that we’re offering a money-back guarantee. If you feel unsatisfied with our work you can apply for a refund. As a student, we understand how much you get to spare for yourself and the reason we won’t charge you for unsatisfying work. Once your application reaches us we examine your case and initiate a full or partial refund depending on the terms and conditions.

Authenticity Guarantee

Plagiarism is our enemy. Every page written by our writers is passed by our software designed especially for plagiarism. For this, we can proudly claim that our contents are 100% original and are the only versions available. If any page is found plagiarised then, our writers rewrite them and that is checked again before submitting it to you. concentrate identifies authenticity as its topmost concern. 

Confidentiality Guarantee

We are professional in our approach and have no room for mistakes. Our privacy policies are strict and claim to keep your identity and details safe. We promise to keep things confidential ( your details as well as your orders). We will not break our conduct under any conditions.

Free Revisions

Revise your coursework as many times as you want. We don’t mind revisions from you and do all the tweaking required to fulfil your requirements. We don’t want you to leave being unsatisfied. You can have us at any time of the day, revising your coursework. We will do everything until you get what exactly you want.

Our guarantees aim at attracting customers, and to stick to our promises. In no way we would like to disregard our work you’re paying for. 

“How long will my coursework take you”

The deadline is in your hands, coursework takes a lot of research and analysis if intended to be done well. And our writers need that time too. Also, we would say the time required depends on few factors like the complexity of your work, academic level, deadline and the number of pages demanded by you. 

Don’t worry about short deadlines, we are capable of beating them too, and will deliver it within that time.

We won’t run out of deadlines under no circumstances, your given time will be our stopwatch to look at.

“How much do I pay”?

We understand your pocket size and set our rates according to it. We charge you minimum rates and provide you with the best service. The charges depend upon some factors they are – academic standards, deadline and length of the work. 

Our payment method is quite simple. You can pay us with your credit card. Your transaction safety is our guarantee. No one can ever get hold of it. Once you make a successful transaction, we will handle your coursework to one of our writers who has the same field as that of the coursework. We will send you an email for confirmation that your coursework has been handed to a writer. 


Everyone loves freebies, who doesn’t? We give freebies to all our customers on every order. Also, we do giveaways for the students, whom we care about the most. Our giveaways are – 


Ever thought about how it will be if you get to talk to your writer? We know it will be great for you both, and that’s why we let you contact our writers. So that you can tell your do’s and don’ts to the one who is doing your work. And for our water, it will be a great option to know your needs which will let him make the best coursework for you.


A well-formatted work is what you’ll be waiting for, so we’ll not disappoint you. We want to look at things well and sorted. 


A bibliography is necessary for many instances. We provide a bibliography with the reference links used for your coursework. You can refer back to them when you want. 

Support Team

Our team is available for you every time, 24 × 7 services, if you’re facing any issue just contact us, we’ll assist you in every possible way. 

Title Page

Everything without a title is incomplete, no matter what you are writing. We provide you with a well-organised title page for free with every work we provide. 

This will give your coursework a more organised and authentic look


Hope you now know about our services and guarantees. We want to help you from getting stressed out in your life by helping to get you through your coursework. So just drop your work with us and we’ll do them. And you can get that well-deserved sleep and some mental peace which is mandatory nowadays. Our mentors will try everything just to see you succeed in your academic journey. 

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